Let's stop road murder!

This page is a translation from the italian, you may find the original page at http://www.omicidiostradale.it/proposta
If you're italian you may find extensive information and sign the petition online here http://www.omicidiostradale.it/firma, 50,000 signatures are required for the law to be examined by the parliament, more than 23,000 have been gathered at the moment.
If you're not italian you may as well pick up the idea and organize a petition in your country, road murder needs to be stopped!

Our proposal

Our law proposal has been obtained through the cooperation between Association Lorenzo Guarnieri, Association Gabriele Borgogni, Association of friends and supporters of the traffic police, Municipality of Florence, Florence Traffic Police and ACI Florence.

The proposal was also submitted to the President of Transport Committee of the House of Representatives of Italian Parliament, who has proved willing to discuss it with us and with other organizations concerned with road safety.

In case of serious injury or death caused by a driver of a vehicle that drives under the influence of alcohol (alcohol content higher than 0.8 g / l) and / or under the influence of drugs our proposal implies:

1. Name

From "involuntary manslaughter" to "road murder"

More attention by prosecutors, will be counted as murder by police stations and will give more awareness to all.

2. Punishment
From 3-10 years to 8-18 years

Even with plea bargain or expedited process there is at least one day in jail or restrictive measures.

3. Arrest
From no precautionary measure to arrest in flagrante delicto

It serves as a deterrent and to remedy a distortion in which a pickpocket caught in the act to steal € 100 goes to prison and who kills with the car drunk and drugged doesn't.

4. Driving License
From temporary withdrawal to "driving license life sentence"

With the introduction of the new law to those who kill while under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs the driving license will be permanently revoked after the first murder.

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